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The Vulva is the external sexual organ of women. The clitoris, visible in picture (B) as the small white oval between the top of the labia minora and the clitoral. - Click Here For My Very Own Website. Female reproductive system.
The vagina is a part of the female reproductive system. It is a muscular canal that connects the uterus to the exterior of the body. During the birthing process it is.

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Today in women's health. The virus is transmitted sexually. The entrance is very small. This guide provides key facts and practical tips for each life stage: teenager, woman, pregnant, mother, and menopause and beyond. The uterus is approximately the shape and size of a pear and sits in an inverted position within the pelvic cavity of the torso. Written and medically reviewed by the Healthline Editorial Team. Gonorrhea : This sexually transmitted bacterial infection most often infects the cervix. REMEMBER Always wash your hands before and after insertion and removal of a tampon. Menstrual cycle calendar and reproductive. This may seem short in relation to the penis, but during sexual arousal the cervix will lift upwards and the fornix see illustration may extend upwards into the body as long as necessary to receive the penis. Please enter a valid email.

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Anatomy structure vagina pictures of. Breasts Breasts Breast problems basics Read more about common types of breast problems, what causes them, and how they are treated. Vaginal Opening and Hymen Below the opening of the urethra is the vaginal opening introitus. Man, Woman and Children paper outline. Urinary tract infections Read more about UTIs and how to avoid. In males, the urethra functions both as a urinary canal and a passageway for cells and secretions from various reproductive organs.
Anatomy structure vagina pictures of. The strength of the pelvic muscles can also be tested. But being active gives you more energy to get it all. Most women have experienced sore nipples at some time or. Hearing Loss: Its Causes and Treatment. The anus is the outside opening of the rectum the end of the large intestine, or colon.
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Anatomy structure vagina pictures of.

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